New Member Applications Go Live Soon

The application period to join the ISS New Member Program will open soon. New Members will have the opportunity to learn the inner workings and purpose of the ISS through an educational program surrounding the jobs of committees, staff, senators, and executive officers. Contact the New Member Program Coordinator Joshua Baalman ( with any questions.

President Dickey Appoints Committees and Staff

After the first-application period, President Dickey has appointed members to the six standing committees of the ISS in addition to some Executive and Program Staff. President Dickey will be appointing subcommittees and additional staff in the near future. If you are still interesting in joining a committee or becoming a staff member, then apply under “Get Involved.”

Applications for Senator Vacancies Open

The Eleventh Assembly still has Student Senator vacancies. Students who are interested in becoming a Senator should check the voting units and vacancy list to see if they are eligible to apply for a vacancy. The Committee on Internal Affairs reviews all applications for a vacancy and then appoints them on a rolling basis. Look at “Get Involved” to apply now.

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